Building shelter

This project arose from a search for the hidden, secret places discovered within nature and our desire for escape and adventure. The contrast of colours and textures found in the wild, and the interruption of human activity have together inspired this project. Thinking about the North West of Scotland, the predominant colours that come to mind are nature’s greens, blues and greys. However a closer observation discovers the jewels of heather and gorse, the variations of seaweed and rusted metal. The interaction of humanity brings the need for signposts and warnings, not to mention the washed-up debris, providing tiny but intense highlights of colour.

The final collection of knitted textiles for interiors grew from a desire to experiment with materials and technology to create fabrics with a sense of fluidity and surprise. Deliberately restricting the materials used to lambswool and elastic has enabled me to be more courageous with colour proportions and experimental with technology.

Supporting the UK textile industry is a vital part of the ethos behind this collection, using 100% geelong lambswool, spun and dyed in Scotland and working with a small digital knit facility in Leicester. The focus is on composition, placement of colour and shape and the result is a collection of fabrics designed for customers looking to add a sense of vibrancy and individuality to their own shelters.

Ink tree trunk
ink straks
ink scratch
sketchbook 3 drawing ink
sketchbook 5 ink stones
drawing book 1
Sketchbook 1 colour
sketchbook 2 sampling knit
drawingbook 2
sketchbook colour work 2
sketchbook 4 squares